The context of the emerald necklace

This plan simply would not have been possible without your support as one of the many partners throughout Los Angeles County striving to provide a higher quality of life in our metropolitan region for our children and future generations.

The context of the emerald necklace

Pin on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn For years I've observed cyclists on the San Gabriel River Bike Path, typically with envy while driving down the freeway, imagining how wonderful it must feel to ride carefree, sans cars and buses, zooming through the smog tinged breeze of the valley.

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After three decades of living in and around the San Gabriel Valley the SGV if you're into the brevity thingI recently took my inaugural ride and discovered that everything I thought about the path is true -- but wait, there's more!

There are horses, golf courses, over zealous cyclists, lazy beach cruisers, and demoralizing onshore flows that make you feel as if you're pedaling in place. Yes, the 64 mile round trip can be Story continues below Pin on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn Nevertheless, its bizarre beauty is well worth the pain in your quadriceps.

The northern entrance can be accessed at Santa Fe Dam, a place my family would go during hot summers for swimming and carne asada picnics. While cycling atop the rim of the dam, my colleagues and I aka Team KCET took in the bleak industrial landscape surrounding us.

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The hazy panorama felt post apocalyptic, as if the Raiders choosing Oakland instead of Irwindale had doomed the land forever. We rode over a marker that read " While cycling towards the beach, I get the feeling I'm riding through the back alley of a beastly metropolis, just cruising alongside the ancient spine of the Tongva civilization that used the river as life resource.

These grandiose imaginings help me keep everything in context, for the epidermal layers of human history tend to induce amnesia. Simply put, it's wholly intoxicating to ride away from it all when in fact you're in the midst of the very definition of suburban sprawl.

The channelization of L. Fenced off and resembling sad trickles instead of riparian wonderlands, we find our rivers to be foreboding solutions to long forgotten floods. All of these things ran through my mind while staring at golfers near the Whittier Narrows connection.

The context of the emerald necklace

Suddenly, in the distance, we hear "FOUR! One of my colleagues said, "Dude we gotta get out of here! By mile 16, the headwinds started kicking in, along with the pain in my legs, and we decide to take a much needed photo break. In reality we were still miles away from the frosty beverages that awaited us at the River's End Cafe.

A series of parks line the river path, providing perfect pit stops along the way. Not long ago, the Olmsted Brothers envisioned an Emerald Necklace of parks and green spaces, spreading from the headwaters of the basin's rivers to the isles of Catalina.

It occurred to me that I hope to live long enough to see this vision realized.In the context of the 4 C's, cut refers to a diamond's proportions, symmetry and polish. However, cut can also be used to describe a diamond's shape and faceting style.

The faceting style, or cut style, of a diamond is determined by the shapes of its facets, or polished surfaces, and the pattern in which the facets are arranged. Oct 04,  · Emerald Fitzgerald with her Emerald Couture models @ hole gallery NYC.

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how best to present the two-dimensional image in the context of a three-dimensional work. In this respect, each garment is born of my interpretation of the image.

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Shop with confidence. "'A gift the emerald necklace was, given freely in times of good will. But friendship, far more fragile than any metal or gem, did not endure.'" Page 4: [N, W] (by . Mindful of this context, Jeffery Bergman of PrimaGem in Bangkok (a longtime IGS member) and gem carver Aung Nyein have created an entirely new “Sacred Emerald Buddha.” This work was not intended to compete with or lessen the spiritual importance or historic value of the Emerald Buddha.

Emerald Necklace offers beautiful paths that are convenient to different neighborhoods. Here are a few suggestions. Distances are approximate. Schoolmaster Hill: Named for Ralph Waldo Emerson who lived near this site in the s when he was a schoolteacher in Roxbury.

This hidden spot has picnic.

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