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It creates an explicit pool between human resource policies and practices and the organisational strategies at whole within the organisational environment. SHRD boosts the employee expertise which ultimately helps in the overall development of employee. Disadvantages First of all it is almost impossible to predict human behaviour.

Solved assignment 4 u

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Solved assignment 4 u

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Or you can download and print the form. One form will be taken away by your study centre and the other one will be kept for IGNOU office purpose.Muslims History of Sub-Continent FA solved Assignment 4 autumn Secretarial Practice FA solved Assignment 1 autumn Secretarial Practice FA solved Assignment 2 autumn Child Care and Development FA solved Assignment 1 autumn IGNOU Solved Assignment June Download Free from IGNOU4U Team has uploaded all IGNOU Courses Solved Assignments of June latest by most knowledgeable and experienced faculties team to solve the assignments with the help of research and reference materials.

The computer keeps data and programs in storage. There are two kinds of storage. What is the main difference between them?3 MarksLearning Outcome(s):Ch. (1) Lean about the structure of a simple programQuestion TwoWhen .

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