Physically challenged

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Physically challenged

Typing with one hand is a lot like typing with two hands Place your hand on the keyboard, in the standard position.

- Al Hussein Society

The letters under your hand are exactly the same as on a regular keyboard. You already know how to type them — no learning required! For the other half of the keyboard, you need to hold down the space bar.

When you hold down the space bar, the keys under your hand change to the other half of the keyboard. To type a space, just tap the space bar.

How fast can I type? The current speed record is 64 words-per-minute! How fast can I learn it?

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Why is it so easy to learn? The finger used to type each letter is the same finger that's used in normal touch typing — That's why you can learn it so quickly. It's uncanny, but your brain quite naturally understands that a key that you would normally type with the index finger of one hand can be typed with the index finger of the other hand.

You're using the same finger movements that you already learned for touch-typing, except now, you're only using one hand to do them.

To try it out for yourself, download the software demo from this page.Prison Pet Partnership is a non-profit organization located on the grounds of the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Gig Harbor.

We rescue and train homeless animals to provide service dogs for persons with disabilities and operate a boarding and grooming facility to provide vocational education for women inmates. At Comfort Loos our extensive fleet of portable and mobile toilet hire units ensure total customer satisfaction for any event whatsoever.

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Whether it is a single day event or a week or more, ensure you can include all of your family and friends. Welcome Christian Opportunity Center (COC) is a public benefit corporation that supports more than people with disabilities.

Physically challenged

COC prides itself on its caring and quality staff and its responsiveness to the needs and wants of the people it serves.

Physically Challenged/Handicapped Person entitled for Railway concession will approach nearest D.R.M. Office along with all the relevant documents viz. Concession Certificate, Photo Identity proof, Date of Birth proof, Address proof and two passport size photographs either in person or by post for issuing Railway Photo Identity card by submitting one set of attested photocopies (self attested.

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