Microbiology lab questions and answer

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Microbiology lab questions and answer

Each of the following is true regarding Pneumocystis carinii. Which statement is false? It lives as a commensal in most humans B. It is a common cause of community acquired pneumonia C. The most sensitive way of making the diagnosis is with a direct immunoflourescence stain on sputum or Bronchoalveolar lavage Show answer Correct Answer: A year-old native Nigerian who has lived in the USA for 10 years returned to visit his family in Africa and now presents with a history of shaking chills, followed by high fever and then profuse sweating.

He states that this is the most severe case of malaria he has ever had. His blood smear shows malaria organisms consistent with Plasmodium falciparum. Which of the following statements is false regarding P. His symptoms are more severe this time because he has lost some of the immunity that comes with frequent recurrences of malaria B.

Plasmodium falciparum has the highest mortality rate of the four malaria species Show answer Correct Answer: This July a group of 30 volunteers went to Kenya to help build a school and all of them took prophylaxis to prevent malaria.

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They claim that they took the medication as prescribed 2 weeks before, during their stay, and for 4 weeks after returning home.

In October, one person developed malaria and by April of this year, 9 of the 30 volunteers had been treated for malaria. Which of the following is the least likely explanation for this apparent failure of prevention?

This is most likely P.

Microbiology lab questions and answer

Most of the medication used for prophylaxis of malaria acts only on the red blood cell stage of the infection C.

This could be P. The nine who got malaria must not have taken the medication as prescribed since this should have prevented malaria Show answer Correct Answer: Each of the following statements except one is true regarding malaria.

Microbiology lab questions and answer

Which one is false? Once someone has malaria infection, they will have it for the rest of their life in spite of treatment B.

All persons who contract P. Persons with sickle cell trait or disease are more resistant to serious malaria D. Schuffner's dots in red cell cytoplasm are most consistent with P.

One way to help diagnose P. A year old patient from Ecuador is admitted with fever, right upper abdominal pain and is found to have a cystic mass of the liver. You suspect an amebic abscess and order stool exams that are reported as positive for E.


Which statement is false regarding ameba? He should be treated with two medications. One to kill the active trophozoites and a second to kill the cysts. Transmission is by fecal-oral means C.Learn microbiology lab with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of microbiology lab flashcards on Quizlet.

Ans. Pure cultures are needed for laboratory and research work as test agents for various studies or as reference strains for taxonomic studies. They enable the scientists to study the characteristics of a . Dec 04,  · The microbiology lab supervisor tells you that your patient is growing gram positive bacilli from both blood cultures you drew and from a urine sample.

He volunteers that he doesn't think you ought to worry since these results aren't likely to be important.

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Microbiology lab technician interview questions & answers.

All of the following organisms cause Nosocomial infections except: Acinetobacter. E. aerogenes.

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