An analysis of tragic themes in the outsiders by se hinton

Hinton helped to change the tone of young adult fiction with the publication of The Outsiders Dissatisfied with the pristine portrayals of teenagers in traditional adolescent novels, Hinton, still a teen herself, created this popular story of class conflict and gang rivalry. Biographical Information Hinton was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in and enjoyed reading as a child. Her enthusiasm for reading continued into her adolescence, but she soon found that the selection of books she was able and allowed to read was limited.

An analysis of tragic themes in the outsiders by se hinton

Hinton created the character of Johnny to drive the plot of the story and develop other characters in the novel. During their time spent hiding out in the abandoned church, Ponyboy and Johnny become close friends.

Through their conversations and Johnny Cade plays a significant role in the novel The Outsiders. Through their conversations and experiences, Ponyboy gains perspective on life and becomes a more empathetic character.

After Johnny is seriously injured in the church fire, Ponyboy visits him in the hospital. Hinton invokes emotion by depicting Johnny's tragic condition, and Dally is negatively affected by the death of his close friend.

Dally ends up losing his mind and is killed by the police after he robs a store. Following Johnny and Dally's deaths, Ponyboy becomes extremely depressed until he reads a note Johnny wrote to him in the hospital.

Johnny's note significantly influences Ponyboy and motivates him to tell the story of the Greasers. Hinton created the character of Johnny Cade in order to develop Ponyboy's character, evoke emotion from the reader, and drive the plot of the novel.In the story "The Outsiders" written by S.E.

Hinton, the characters Dallas Winston and Ponyboy Curtis are both alike and different.

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Pony and Dally are Greasers, which is a gang that has people that have little money and are known for their greasy and long hair. Living Texts: Analyzing S.E.

Hinton's The Outsiders by Thinking, Reading, Acting, and Thinking Again is an adaptable, Humanities-based unit that provides opportunities for students to physically demonstrate their interpretations of S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders through improvisation.

An analysis of tragic themes in the outsiders by se hinton

Nov 27,  · The Outsiders s.e Hinton Johnny Cade Character Analysis stay gold. Johnny, a shy, scared and quiet boy who died a hero. Johnny Cade develops and grows throughout the novel, The Outsiders.

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The Ousiders Essay - Sodapop Curtis In S.E Hinton's novel, The Outsiders, there are many themes represented in the book, but one of the main themes is social ostracism, or the conflict between the economic classes.

Nov 19,  · S. E. Hinton Hinton, S. E. - Essay. The Outsiders and Hinton's subsequent novels, Hinton addresses such themes as appearance versus reality, the need to be loved and to belong, the meaning.

Susan Eloise Hinton was born in in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she was raised.

An analysis of tragic themes in the outsiders by se hinton

She was a good student and attended the University of Tulsa, majoring in education. Her first novel, The Outsiders, was written when she was sixteen years old and published in Though it .

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